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English (United Kingdom)

veshtno pravo

Real estate (property deals, property division)

The services of the Law Firm Irena Georgieva in this field include:

  • legal analyzes and assessments of the legal status of real estate, including the full verification of the real rights for the presence / absence of burdens and rights of third parties on real estate;
  • providing legal advice on transactions relating to the acquisition and disposal of real estate and movable property;
  • provision of legal advice and preparation of contracts for the leasing of real estate;
  • participation in negotiations and preparation of preliminary contracts, notarial deeds and other documents required for the execution of disposition transactions;
  • provision of legal advice and preparation of documentation regarding the establishment of limited real estate rights - right of use, upgrading, additions, right of passage;
  • preparation of construction contracts;
  • providing construction contracts;
  • assisting in obtaining various permissions related to property rights and construction;
  • providing legal advice and representation during the division of property on a voluntary and legal basis;
  • comprehensive consultations, including advice on financing projects related to the acquisition and management of real estate.