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English (United Kingdom)

etazhna sobstvenost


Law Firm Irena Georgieva provides its clients with comprehensive legal services in the field of condominium management and offers a wide range of legal services including:

  • full assistance for the holding of the General Meeting of Condominiums;
  • preparation of a complete set of documents related to condominium management (Internal Regulations, protocols from  meetings of the General Assembly, Management Board or Control Board, announcements, invitations, etc.);
  • providing legal and practical advice for conducting various procedures;
  • representation of the condominium before administrative and judicial authorities.
  • protection of owners, users or occupiers against unlawful decisions of the General Meeting and actions of the Manager and their appeal by court order;
  • procedural representation of the condominium in any court proceedings, including cases against indebted debtors to the condominium, removal of owner, user or occupant from the building, etc.

All services and documents are also provided for foreigners in Russian.