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Irena Georgieva works in close cooperation with competent lawyers, lawyers and consultants with many years of experience in various local and foreign law firms as well as legal professionals.

Law Firm partner Irena Georgieva allows expanding the range of qualified services offered, offering quality and complex service.

The office offers, when appropriate, accounting services as well as specialized tax and accounting consultations and a full range of administrative services to foreign citizens.

<strong>Irena Georgieva</strong>
Irena GeorgievaLawyer
Long experience in the field of real estate and services for foreigners. Practice in cases related to Condominium, Commercial and Debt Law.
<strong>Krasimira Anastasova</strong>
Krasimira AnastasovaLawyer
There is a rich practice in family and inheritance law as well as experience in the field of discrimination and lawsuits under the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence.
<strong>Rumen Kostadinov</strong>
Rumen KostadinovLawyer
He has many years of experience in administrative and environmental law, rich practice in labor affairs, specialist in the Law for protection of personal data.
<strong>Veska Kyoseva</strong>
Veska KyosevaAuditor
A certified accountant with a rich practice in the field of tax law. Wide range of accounting services and representation to specialized tax authorities.